The LACMO network

The LACMO international research network is a consortium of some 20 research centres and research groups within universities and military staff colleges and academies in Europe, North America, Asia and the Pacific, which are engaged in academic  research in the areas of: law of armed conflict, military operational law and the military dimension of cyber security and related disciplines.

It operates under a framework agreement which is designed to promote research cooperation and provide a platform for a variety of forms of cooperation, while preserving each institution’s freedom of choice and autonomy on which projects it wishes to participate in and what kind of cooperation it wishes to engage in with the other members, with each member free to decide whether it wants to participate in any given joint project. Joint activities and projects may involve all members or any group of affiliated institutions depending on the nature of the activity and the interest of a given member institution.

Types of cooperation

The types of cooperation envisaged within the framework of the LACMO network include joint organisation and execution of research seminars, expert working groups and conferences, book projects and joint publications of different types, joint supervision of doctoral candidates, staff exchange for research purposes and any other research activities which the members decide upon. A launch conference was held in Amsterdam in September 2018 to kick off cooperation and any member is free to invite any other member to participate in any project that it is planning. Several new projects are planned for the coming year.

The LACMO research network was initiated by the Amsterdam Center for International Law