Shedding light in the grey zones of the Law of Armed Conflict

This project consists of a number of workshops and conferences to be conducted in the coming three years aimed at shedding some light in the “twilight zone” of the law of armed conflict. LACMO Network participants include Jann Kleffner, Swedish Defence University, Mike Schmitt, University of Reading, Terry Gill, University of Amsterdam and Sean Watts, Lieber Center for Land Warfare, US Military Academy. The first workshop is scheduled to be held 21-22 March 2022 at the Swedish Defence University and will be open to (online) participation by members of the LACMO Network.

Contributors include Terry Gill ( University of Amsterdam), Jann Kleffner (Swedish National Defence University, Stockholm) and Michael Schmitt (Lieber Institute for Law and Land Warfare, West Point/University of Reading, UK). Guest contributors will also contribute with Sean Watts at the Lieber Institute being the first such guest contributor. The first workshop is scheduled for the end of September 2021.