International Law and Korean Security conference, 26-27 February 2019

North Korea poses perhaps the greatest threat in the most important part of the world, and international law is the language of diplomacy for maintaining regional peace and security. LACMO network member the Stockton Center for International Law (SCIL) and Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology (KIOST), joined by Development of International Law in Asia-Korea (DILA-KOREA), have combined efforts to explore the various dimensions of Korean security including proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, trilateral and multilateral diplomacy, international humanitarian law and human rights, law of the sea and United Nations’ sanctions.

About this Conference

The conference is one of a continuing series of high-level meetings to bring together experts from international academia and think tanks, the armed forces and other government agencies and international and non-governmental organizations to consider the role of international law on the Korean Peninsula, and to shape approaches to international law and policy. The program is conducted under the Chatham House Rule to facilitate the free exchange of ideas in a dialogue format that permits greater spontaneous interaction.

This event is open to the general public
Open to scholars, policy makers and officials. To attend please contact to confirm availability and registration information.

For more information visit the event’s webpage.